Bring Your Family to Jacksonville

Families visiting Jacksonville have access to many tourist spots, many of which are either free or available at a little cost. As a matter of fact, many parks that are scattered around the city and offers many opportunities for walking, playing in the lakes and cycling.

The Riverwalk, 2.5 miles away created to limit downtown Jacksonville near the river, is another good example of the outdoor space that can be accessed by those who are on vacation. Nearby, located right in Jacksonville"s Beach Adventure Landing, a group of attractions centered on water rides, but also with miniature golf and laser tag.

For a quick but impressive stop while in Jacksonville with children, visit the 200-foot Friendship Fountain in the park of the same name. The fountain is particularly impressive at night when a light show played at rhythm. Boat trips can also be taken in the vicinity.

Not far away, the Kathryn Abby Hanna Park offers a chance to relax right on the ocean. A large water playground, picnic tables, and pedal boats do Kathryn Abby Hanna Park is a great stop for the entire family.

Parents should also take their kids to the Jacksonville Zoological Gardens, one of the largest on the East Coast. The Jacksonville Zoological Gardens is the home to over 2,000 animals, many of those endangered or unique. The zoo also has many areas that mimic the animals" natural habitats, including ponds, hills and jungle-like formations. Wood storks use certain parts of the zoo as their breeding and living room. They fly away during the offseason and then return to the zoo to breed again next year.